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Feb 9, 2013 1:15pm EST
recovery at the national level, the fiscal cliff, and ongoing plenty of reasons why it hasbut in wisconsin, we don't make excuses. we get results. with this in mind, we are going to double down and be even more aggressive with our efforts to improve the jobs climate in this state. that's what i heard during my listening sessions held around wisconsin. people want us focused on things that will improve the economy and our way of life. that's why i laid out five very clear priorities for the next two years, create jobs, develop the workforce, transform and invest in our infrastructure. and it's also why i've asked the members of the legislature to stay focused on these same priorities -- and not get distracted on other issues. one of the best ways we can show their state government is focused on jobs is to pass a bill that streamlines the process for safe andstart with the legislation that was approved in the joint finance committee last session, include some reasonable modifications, and send me a bill to sign into law early this year. [applause] people in northwestern wisconsin, where the
Feb 17, 2013 1:30pm EST
and if they make them, bill, wisconsin is very difficult to beat. >> bill: they are, then you throw out roll out the bruiser, he gets his hans on loose balls, down and dirty, aggressive, he's emotional and gives them a lift. >> tim: a little give-and-go. 29 and 10. bruesewitz and berggren with a two-man game. >> bill: we should have grown our hair. maybe we would have played a little better. nice read. >> tim: a team like wisconsin gets a big lead, it's very difficult to come back. thomas. nicely done. step-in off the ball fake. the reasons are pretty obvious about why it's hard to come back. >> bill: less possessions. very patient on the offensive end. thomas very active. very good motion. there is that stagger they like to run. dribble handoff. >> tim: we see more and more of that in college basketball today. >> bill: curl by dekker. tough shot, though. >> tim: that was probably the most difficult shot you would see wisconsin take. >> bill: aaron craft does a great job shadowing the passer. tough to get him an entry when had he's guarding you. >> tim: thomas back on the floor, trey mcdonald ou
Feb 17, 2013 1:00pm EST
at this wisconsin game, part of your "at&t fast analysis" there is no one star but they get open looks with the motion offense. >> bill: they make your defense adjust. help side is moved around. they love to dribble handoff. there are some decisions now. how are you going to play the pin-downs on either side. there are options. at the end of it, a little high five by the bruiser able to bang people around and the stroke by the big fellow. >> tim: not that we don't mind regulation, but if they go overtime, don't be surprised. they're accustomed to it here in wisconsin. when we return, the lineups and the opening tip. stay right where you are. ♪ [ male announcer ] tenacity plated in chrome. determination covered in mud. fight firing on six cylinders. the new ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. guts. glory. ram. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. ♪ digiorno? or delivery? taste for yourself why the shortest distance between you and a delicious, fresh-baked pizza, is your oven. thankfully, it's not delivery. it's digiorno. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we
Feb 9, 2013 12:25pm EST
] >> is my privilege to introduce our friends, the governor of the state of wisconsin, and scott walker. >> thank you. thank yo u. u. thank you. thank you. minority leader larson, minority leader barca, members of the wisconsin supreme court, constitutional officers, tribal leaders, members of the cabinet, distinguished guests, members of the legislature, most importantly, fellow citizens of is an honor to appear before you tonight. before we get started, i would like to introduce the first lady of wisconsin, my wife, tonette. sons, matt and alex, and my family. next to my wife is major general don dunbar, our adjutant general. wisconsin national guard. ladies and gentlemen, we are moving wisconsin forward with bold vision and bright hope for the future. i introduce any more members my family is going to be set to missed the kick up. i do want to thank don dunbar. thank you to them and to each of the wisconsin national guard as well. stood here as your new governor, wisconsin was facing a $3.6 billion budget deficit, property taxes had gone up 27 percent over the previous decade, increa
Feb 23, 2013 6:00am EST
these ways -- deus is the sequester and when it will go into effect. what with the impact be for wisconsin? >> you look at the two different parts. potentially the option for two out there. like other states, a relatively minimal effect -- no big military installation there. it would not be like virginia. or california, other places along port. most of our military are the national guard in the reserve. we have some defense contractors, but they have already made adjustments anticipating this as early as last year. there is not a dramatic impact. my concern and that of many of my fellow governors is, if there is something done as an alternative to that, do no harm. to not do things that will further reduce the increase in our nation's economic recovery. >> you are a small government conservative. this is an opportunity to really pare back the size of our government. you want to see this go into effect? x i think there should be a limited government. i do not like random changes. in the last budget, i invested $1.2 billion more into medicaid. major cuts in terms of what we gave local govern
Feb 9, 2013 7:00am PST
in the right for voter rights, wisconsin, the attack on early voting there. this is so so soft. hey hun, remember you only need a few sheets. hmph! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios >>> in last year's election nearly 400,000 people in wisconsin opted to cast a ballot early, before election day. in 2008 early votes accounted for 21% of the nearly 3 million votes cast in wisconsin and in fact, the state of wisconsin has some of the highest rates of voter participation in the nation. with with near record turnout on election day last year. with those numbers, it would seem a prudent approach to voting policy in wisconsin if it ain't broke, don't fix it. except for one law mamaker in wisconsin seems to think that the rules could still use a little tinkering to make i
Feb 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
have been by at least 22 points. they have been dominating. the game between michigan and wisconsin, this one a thriller. under 10 seconds to play, michigan takes the lead with 2.5 seconds to go. wisconsin was not done yet. a pass from halfcourt. they are tied again and go into overtime. 40 seconds to go. brett again for three. wisconsin storms the court as they upset no. 3 michigan 65-62 in overtime. the wolverines become the third top three team to lose this week. john collins is back w >> that could have been us. >> winter is not over yet. there will be opportunities. most models agree something will happen monday, wednesday, and saturday. we will watch for details. probably rain on monday. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. we will see you back. 11:00. -- we will see you back here at 11:00. >> this is an editorial with president and general manager dan joerres. >> the ravens victory celebration was an amazing sight as thousands of chance when downtown to see the nfl world champions and welcome them home. players raise the trophy and the fans cheer the team from city
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
from governors. first there's texas governor rick perry versus jerry brown and wisconsin governor scott walker is taking on minnesota governor mark danes. now, the smackdowns are all about jobs and the government is trying to lure businesses from one state to their own state and governor walker tweeted in 2011 illinois raised taxes on income by 66% and businesses by 46% pan the governor is proposing a 2 billion dollar tax increase, wisconsin is open for business and in his state of the state address, governor of minnesota firing back. >> job growth in 2012 was the 12th best among all 50 states and we outperformed three of our four neighbors. iowa ranked 30th best. south dakota 44th, wisconsin which is which by the way is open for business-- (laughter) (applause) >> wisconsin helped bring up the rear at 42nd. >> greta: wisconsin's governor scott walker joining us. >> good evening, good to be with you, greta. >> greta: so you're trying to poach some businesses from your neighbor, from minnesota? >> well, we're pointing out the differences. you know, as i mentioned illinois in the past ra
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> gentleman from wisconsin -- >> is a pleasure to be on the committee, especially with someone from wisconsin. mr. ryan and a share a county back home. one of the top priorities that i look at is how we can create more jobs right now to get things going and that is the best way to get out of the deficit situation. before being here and watching the news, it seems like all they ever talk about his deficit reduction as the economic plan as if congress cannot walk and chew gum and i think we can do both. how we grow the economy to help create we had to approve every stimulus dollar that came through with constantine congress. i heard from small business owners who benefited from it. we had the road and the -- roadbuilding and construction industries. not your most verbal entities. 54,000 jobs were saved or created in wisconsin. next to the stimulus dollars -- thanks to the stimulus dollars. i look at what the president said about investing back again. i saw a release from speaker boehner yesterday. he said in his release tonight he offered them a little than the same stimulus policies that have
Feb 27, 2013 5:00pm EST
of january 3, 2013, the gentleman from wisconsin, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise to ask us to put aside our differences on sequestration. i've listened to people on the other side of the aisle talk passionately about their concerns, on government spend, on debt, on government waste and yet almost not a single one of those issues is covered by what we have before us in the next 48 hours which is sequestration. mr. pocan: sequestration is a thoughtless approach that makes indiscriminate cuts down every single budget line. if you think there's waste with a $4 million tv station in the i.r.s. as one speaker said, sequestration won't stop that. if you think we have too much debt, sequestration won't stop that. if you think we have too much fraud, abuse, an waste, sequestration won't stop that. what sequestration will do is have a real impact on the middle class families, not just in wisconsin where i come from, but across the country and that's why so many people in the progressive caucus and democrats have such
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
, in coolidge on c-span's q&a. >> wisconsin governor scott walker delivered his state of the state address in madison recently where he called on state lawmakers to put forward, a quote, environmentally sound mining bill. he also pushed for a income tax cult for the middle class and job creation. the governor said he was doubling down on his efforts to meet his 2010 campaign promise to create 250,000 private sector jobs over the years. this is about half an hour. [applause] >> at this time, at this time it is my privilege to introduce our friend, the governor of the state of wisconsin, scott walker. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. [applause] thank you. thank you. mr. speaker, speaker voss, president pro-tem cramer, president ellis, majority leader fitzgerald, minority leader larson, minority leader barca, members of the wisconsin supreme court, constitutional officers, tribal leaders, members of my cabinet, distinguished fests, members of the legislature, most importantly good evening to the great fellow citizens of this great state, the state of wisconsin. it is
Feb 15, 2013 4:00am EST
, minnesota got a three-point from dre holland to take the lead over wisconsin. the golden gophers got the upset victory 58-53. >>> deshaun thomas give the buckeyes the lead and topped all scorers with 22 points. ohio state defeating northwestern 69-59. >>> just before the all-star break in the nba, a rematch of last year's finals. miami against oklahoma city. and lebron james scored in 39 points as the heat pounded the thunder. 110-100. >>> golf underdown as kangaroos race across the course. jumped out at the lead at the woman's open. olivia cove made incredible putts. she's also the youngest player to win on the lpga tour. >>> and the daytona 500 on february 24th will feature a car dedicated to the 26 victims of the shootings at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. the number 26 car driven by two-time daytona 500 winner michael waltrip also calls on fans to text donations to the newtown school support fund. >>> just ahead, seth is showered in bling. >>> plus, is bruce willis' nine lives just about up in the latest installment of the "die hard" franchise? you're watching "earl
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 10:00pm PST
44th, wisconsin which is which by the way is open for business-- (laughter) (applaus (applause) >> wisconsin helped bring up the rear at 42nd. >> greta: wisconsin's governor scott walker joining us. >> good evening, good to be with you, greta. >> greta: so you're trying to poach some businesses from your neighbor, from minnesota? >> well, we're pointing out the differences. you know, as i mentioned illinois in the past raised taxes and you see how well that worked out for them. massive budget problems and pension system is a mess the worst one in the country and they continue to have problems in that state and now, a governor who, for the past two years, had a republican majority and blocked taxes and now has his on party in st. paul and see a 2 billion dollar tax increase proposed and business ins each of those states we think will look closer at wisconsin and see now that our tax is down and we're continuing to lower income taxes and equally as important, a 6 billion dollars budget deficit and turned it into a 1/2 billion dollar surplus and that's why the rankings show in ch
Feb 25, 2013 2:00am PST
, of wisconsin and jack markell of delaware. with the president and republicans eyeball-to-eyeball who will blink first and our power player of the week, a brain surgeon touches a political nerve in washington. all, right now, on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and hello, again, from fox news in washington. when all sides agreed to the sequester a year-and-a-half ago those automatic across-the-board spending cuts were supposed to be so painful it would force the president and congress to make a deal. but, now, jwith just five days o go there is no deal and the deadline is here. joining us, two senate leaders on budget issues, from oklahoma republican tom coburn and from missouri, democrat claire mccaskill. senators, let's start with the big question, quick question, quick answer, will the sequester happen? will those $85 billion in spending cuts kick in on friday? senator coburn? >> yes, it will and it is not $85 billion, because it is a pro rata portion of that, until the end of the year and it will not be a full $85 billion. >> chris: but it is going to kick in? >> it will kick in. but, at a pro
Feb 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
the lead. wisconsin -- the inbounds to bent rent. are you kidding me? in ot, for 3. he hits it. wisconsin storms the court, of setting michigan it 65-62. the wolverines became the third top three team to lose this week. joe flacco is travel agency has been working overtime since the quarterback won the super bowl mvp. first you went to disney world and then david letterman. today flacco attending fashion week. he was there with his wife. one of the highlights for joe flacco was getting to meet tommy hilfiger. >> met him yesterday. he was such a great guy, such a cool person to meet. seeing his clcothes, it was cool to meet the guy. a lot of opportunities come up u when you win a game like that. it will be fun for the wife. >> lucky for the capitals they are 1/4 in into the season. plenty of time to turn things around after 2-81-start. they erupted against the florida panthers. caps up 1-0. the goalie gets the long pass. top shelf on theodore. third period. ovechking makes it 4-0. the caps win 5-0. john collins i >> in it looks like there will be three things coming through the next week.
Feb 7, 2013 4:30am EST
construction out of virginia into maryland but that has been picked up. wisconsin avenue 355 near willard towards western avenue, they still have some crusews out but no delays. back to you. >> thank you. it's 31 degrees on this thursday morning. >> more on the debate over guns in america. what some house democrats plan (vo) they were e married for... 53 years. she was hieverything. he can't live alone anymore. but we don't have the room. so, we talked to suntrust... looked at our options... remodeled... for family, you make it work. he taught me that. (anncr) join the thousands of people swching to suntrust's award-winning service. how can we help you shine today? >> investigators are trying to find out who fire bombed a sandwich shop in fairfax county. explosion happened wednesday on richmond highway in lorton. the blast sparked a fire that destroyed just about everything inside the shop. the owner was rushed to the hospital with non-life- threatening burns. this is not the first time this has happened. >> for this to happen over and over again. >> this was
Jan 31, 2013 9:00pm CST
an eight alarm fire its factory in burlington wisconsin one of the town's biggest employers the mayor volleying to help rebuild after yesterday's fire the cause is still under investigation. more than 40 vehicles were involved in a pile up on i 70 near indianapolis one of the tractor trailers was transporting elephants. at least 12 people were injured, two of them seriously it looks like maybe freezing snow caused a major part of this pile up. subzero temperatures cutting through the area as we speak it was 60 degrees above zero just a few days ago. tom skilling is in the weather center with more on this deepfreeze we are 60 degrees colder in parts of the area then we were on tuesday temperatures in the suburbs down to 1 above 0 we have not only cold weather on the way tonight but we have snow coming. starting tomorrow night and over the weekend will have a forecast on how long this snow sticks around. tearful and miserably shaken and why video gambling laws left these people in the cold. brutally beaten and left in the cold to die. nine years ago tonight a wisconsin woman was in th
Feb 7, 2013 9:00pm CST
snowstorm it hasn't even really reached into the city. look at some of this snow numbers here, wisconsin in kenosha leads the list with 9 in. down. like the northern tip of cook county north into wisconsin, 4-10 about to taper off next to nothing south of that in fact here is our forecast on how much snow will fall. i will tell you is going to go east and bring major problems. winter weather advisories until midnight. there is the system that reigns on us over the weekend. visibility's are coming up. cancellations, 225 by the count mel. the actor aero burned part of his face during rehearsal at the opera is back home tonight. here is a picture of 24 year-old leslie daniels after suffering serious second-degree burns to the lower part of his face thursday. he is expected to fully recover within 7-10 days he said his fire breathing days could be over and he is not able to talk about just what went wrong just yet. he signed papers that his share of a $2 million dry cleaning company would go exclusively to his wife whenever he died, he inked that deal in early may when in $1 million a and t
Feb 2, 2013 4:00am EST
this change, florida, virginia, wisconsin, ohio, michigan and pennsylvania. but then as the story got more attention in the news, the republicans in those states started to back off. florida's house speaker said his party didn't need to change the rules, he said they, meaning republicans, just need to get better. and bob mcdonald said he was against the idea, so were a couple of key republicans in the senate. and this week, they voted it down in committee. in wisconsin, wisconsin's republican governor scott walker said he thought the idea was interesting. after that got a lot of attention back home, he said he had serious concerns about it. in ohio, where the republicans floated the idea days after the election, he and the republicans now say oh, nobody in ohio is talking about doing this thing. so that is florida, virginia, wisconsin and ohio deciding to not try to pull this off. but michigan? michigan is different. michigan, they just had their sneak attack right to work law that they came out in favor of. introduced, passed -- they came out in favor of it, introduced it, signed it into
Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
to working with you. [applause] [inaudible conversations] governors from connecticut wisconsin and tennessee weighed in on the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration that are set to take effect march 1 at an event held last week. governors dan malloy scott walker and bill haslam were guests at politicos state solution conference. other topics included gun control and immigration reform. this is 90 minutes. >> we are joined by governor dan malloy from the nutmeg state of of --. >> the wailers, the people that worked on the whaling ships. >> i shouldn't have brought that up but to pass the time they took up carving and to make money they carved not make and then they would go to port and sell them as if it was not make when all it was was carved wood, hence the name. it's not a nice term. i do not carve wood to look like nutmeg and try to sell it. >> while i apologize. governor thanks so much for taking the time today and i first wanted to extend our condolences for the losses that your state suffered in december at newtown. i thought we would start there because it's been a big part o
FOX News
Feb 24, 2013 11:00am PST
with two leading governors. scott walker of wisconsin and jack markell of delaware. plus, with the president and republicans eye ball to eye ball who will blink first? we will ask our fund panel which side is winning the sequester blame game. and our power player of the week. a brain surgeon touches a political nerve in washington. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. when all sides agreed to the sequester a year and a half ago is automatic across-the-board spending cuts were supposed so be so painful it would force the president and congress to make a deal. now, with just five days to go there is still no deal. and the deadline is here. joining us today two senate leaders on budget issues. from oklahoma, republican tom coburn. and from missouri, democrat claire mccasskill. about the sequester happen. will the spending cuts kick in on friday? senator coburn? >> they will. it is not $85 billion because it is a pro rata portionle that until the end of the year so it won't be a full 85 billion. >> chris: but it is going t
Feb 18, 2013 4:30am EST
snow in new york portions of minnesota and wisconsin, that's kind of the travel trouble spot. a much bigger storm later this week. nice recovery for areas like raleigh, north carolina, saw snow on saturday. today, 52 and sunny. a lot of the east heading the right direction. >> good news for the kiddies, out with the sleds having a good time. >> they were. today will be a lot better in new england than yesterday. >> good news. thanks. >>> another n the wake of another chicago shooting tragedy, thousands march on capitol hill. >>> and being the leader of the free world does have its perks. find out which of the former presidents were wealthiest. we're back in two minutes. >>> good morning and welcome back. here are stories making news this morning. the national mall was the site of a massive protest sunday against the controversial keystone exxon pipeline. organizers at the climate event estimate 35,000 people turned out in washington. the demonstrators called on president obama to keep a pledge and act on climate change. >>> at least three dozen people were killed sunday during a wave
Feb 5, 2013 4:30am EST
south you're fine. otherwise, a very quiet day around the system. a clipper system from wisconsin through northern illinois, maybe chicago once again you'll see a few snowflakes. nothing too bad. temperatures have warmed slightly through the northern great lakes and also northern new england. we are looking at digits in the negative numbers but. we're actually looking at a nice day, warmup. areas in kansas city, st. louis, near 50 degrees. oklahoma city should be gorgeous. atlanta at 64, we're actually turning the corner. that's a look at the national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. so it is cold and chilly around areas like pittsburgh who will once again be seeing a chance of snow showers but again we're not looking for any major about operations. areas like minneapolis getting warmer. almost up towards 30. and it looks like we continue to warm it up here towards the weekend. >> i love when you say it's going to be warmer, it's going to be 30. >> in minneapolis, that's an accomplishment. >>> well, secretary of state john kerry said he's got big hee
Feb 20, 2013 12:00pm EST
with plenty of cold today but so are folks in wisconsin. this is how they are dealing with it. the 14th annual barstool race. it attracts thousands, as you can see. only two simple wills -- each team has one pusher and one rider, and the first person to cross the finish line with their bottom still on the stool wins. >> almost made it to the finish line. >> i was born in that state. every small town has more bars than churches and businesses. >> afterward you can go to the bar and have some cheese. >> 39 degrees, windy today. it will feel like 20. a chance of sleet friday and then saturday, some rain showers. cheese from wisconsin --
Feb 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
. in madison today, the wisconsin badgerless. jared burgeon, against michigan. driving the lane. and he dunks it. michigan still up. time running out in regulation. ben bruce. long shot from near half court. that game tied at 60 in regulation. and wisconsin goes on to win it in overtime. over michigan, 65-62. meantime, so much of the ravens super bowl success could be attributed to a makeshift offensive line. boy, did they make up despite the post season. left tackle bryant mckinnie. through most of the season, mckinney was in coach harbaugh's doghouse. then got another chance at redemption and came through, much to the delight of general manager ozzie newsome. >> i think the way he played down the stretch, against freeney, against dumervil, and against smith. i think it makes a statement for him. i think he has a decision to make there. so whether he wants to come back and play here. >> come on back, bryant. we need you. >>> check this out, folks. in northwest baltimore, the defending ncaa national champion men's lacrosse team. those loyola greyh
Feb 22, 2013 7:00am EST
." the middle of the country from texas to wisconsin is digging out from a powerful storm. it is causing serious problems in minnesota this morning, and now the snow is heading for the great lakes. >> the storm has dumped more than a foot and a half in some areas. snow, wind, and ice are blamed for at least two deaths. dean reynolds is just north of chicago. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. the snow has tapered off after dropping 3 or 4 inches of snow, but that was more than enough to create plenty of problems. as the wintry storm blew across illinois, its impact was painfully easy to describe. >> it's freezing, and the wind is terrible. >> reporter: overnight traffic crawled to a near standstill here as the snow began to fall, stranding some cars. it's part of the same massive system that crippled kansas. parts of that state got nearly a foot and a half of snow, and that's not all. a mix of thunder and lightning made for an unusual weather event called thundersnow. across the midwest, icy, snowy roads created treacherous driving conditions. >> you can't see the roads. ice.
Feb 14, 2013 1:00am PST
and the romney campaign who condemned that challenge as despicable. in wisconsin, when the romney campaign recruited poll-watchers to challenge individual citizens' right to vote, the manual they gave those poll watchers contained wrong information, the kind of instructions that might lead people to challenge voters without real legal cause from blocking them. from the "washington post," quote, the story prompted a letter from the obama campaign attorney bob bauer to wisconsin's attorney general. these acts of willful misrepresentation to individuals sent to polling locations to enforce the law raise serious concerns under wisconsin law, mr. bauer wrote. he added that this was not an isolated matter, citing the wisconsin activities of true the vote, an organization close to the republican party and the romney campaign. that would be mr. bob bauer making that complaint, the attorney on the left there, who is now co-chairing the president's improved voting commission with the romney lawyer on the right, whose campaign was trying to stop early voting in ohio, and that gave its poll watchers w
Feb 22, 2013 2:00am PST
plains up into wisconsin and minnesota. here's what it looks like on radar. as far as the snow goes, that's mostly confined to iowa, southern minnesota, almost all of central wisconsin, chicago. then we're still watching some freezing rain down through the ohio valley. watch out in ohio and indiana, especially. a little coating of ice overnight. now a wintry mess through areas of west virginia too. even down in areas of virginia. as i mentioned, widespread winter storm that has weakened since yesterday. i think the worst of it right now, a heavy burst of snow, southern michigan p the milwaukee area. that will be heading up to madison and green bay throughout your morning commute. later today to tomorrow, heavy rain will develop through the deep south. we could see 2 to 3 inches of rain in southern georgia. eventually, that storm will come up the east coast. here's a snowstorm saturday into sunday. 6 to 12 inches portland to concord. you notice, boston, providence, new york city, lesser amounts than we were thinking yesterday. looks like to be more rain with really only boston having some
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am PST
city, you can see a slowing in chicago. areas of the northeast iowa and southern wisconsin are expected to see at the seven ends of snow today. no traffic is rolling over there. this is the north east wisconsin area. >> michigan and wisconsin are expected to get the most snow. 67 and is there. you can see that on your screen highlighted in the blue and purple. that is where we will see snowfall. and the southern half of the country that indicates moderate to heavy rain. yesterday we saw upwards of a foot of snow for the heartland we saw winter weather advisories and warnings stretching from arizona all way to virginia. this is something we will continue to monitor. i want to focus our attention on our local forecast. at the freezing mark in vallejo, and about 45, out for 30's in san mateo. future cast four tracks those numbers for today and you can see it is a split decision between green and blue on your screen. blue indicates '50s drama heart of the bay. setting the clock into motion you will see a lot of the balloons turn to green. we will see more and the weight of 60s and we saw ye
Feb 28, 2013 6:00am PST
a look at this new video and to kron4 out of kenosha wisconsin. they got more than a foot of snow yesterday in their reports of nearly 200 crashes. plows were busy pushing more than a foot of snow off the roads in the county. this particular time extended its snow emergency declaration until this morning. drivers were urged to slow down and let plow crews do their job. >> let's take a closer look at that system. the level on your screen indicates snow fall. yesterday we saw upwards of 19 in. of snow for portions of southeastern wisconsin. it was a very wet, heavy snow. it was a single storm and one person died because of it. there were a lot of accidents out there but the good news is at is this is not only impacting wisconsin but parsons of illinois, indiana. this is something we will continue to monitor especially if we see any flight delays out of s f o. local weather, yesterday's high as seven days for a santa rosa and napa and livermore, 69 concord. we are anticipating similar conditions this afternoon. sunshine, mainly clear skies and temperatures are already off to a warmer
Feb 6, 2013 12:00pm CST
at the national weather service in wisconsin have just upgraded their winter storm watch. we have winter storm watches out for mcanally counties and across the lake into michigan. the watches are coming up in new england in anticipation of his big storm exploding off the east coast into a blizzard. there you can see the precipitation spreading already into wisconsin. >> the purple area is where the wind is going to blow. this thing bombs up. areas like boston, new england and so forth are in for real snow. the next warm by sunday as developing out in the plains. that will bring rain and maybe some thunderstorms into the area. as far as know is concerned the band will run all the way from northern illinois and wisconsin eastward. the bright white areas could measure snow and feet in some areas out east. here is the snow that we expect to fall across our metro area. it is being updated by the moment. we'll have more of 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. tonight. a wintry mass tomorrow. some sunshine friday. rain and thunderstorms sunday change to snow showers monday.
Feb 2, 2013 3:00am PST
been mulling over making this change. florida, virginia, wisconsin, ohio, michigan, and pennsylvania. but then as the story got more attention in the news, republicans in those six states started backing off. florida's republican house speaker says his party did not need to change the rules, they just need to get better, meaning they, republicans need to get better. virginia's republican governor, governor ultrasound, bob mcdonnell are against the idea and this week, republicans in the virginia senate voted the bill down in committee. in wisconsin, wisconsin's republican governor scott walker told the conservative meeting in washington, he thought the idea was interesting. after that got a lot of attention back home in wisconsin, actually he had serious concerns about it. in ohio, where the republican secretary of state floated the idea days after the election in november, he and other republicans now say, oh, nobody in ohio is talking about doing this thing. so that's florida and virginia and wisconsin and ohio. deciding not try to pull this off. but michigan, michigan is different.
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